Conficker Is Alive And Well !!!

February 7, 2010 at 11:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Various news reports from the BBC and from The Register say that the Greater Manchester Police discovered that their computer system had been infected with the Conficker worm last Friday. As a result, the police had to disconnect from the UK’s national criminal database to keep it from spreading for some five days until it was completely eradicated.

While emphasizing that the crime log system was not tampered with and that day-to-day policing wasn’t affected, the Greater Manchester police could not run checks on suspects, vehicles or property using the Police National Computer.

While it is not known how the system became infected, the betting is by an infected memory stick.

It was a year ago next week that Microsoft offered a $250,000 reward for information that results in the arrest and conviction of those responsible for illegally launching the Conficker worm on the Internet.

Still no reported takers… 😉

About Conficker: Conficker, also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido, is a computer worm targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system that was first detected in November 2008. It uses flaws in Windows software to co-opt machines and link them into a virtual computer that can be commanded remotely by its authors. Conficker has since spread rapidly into what is now believed to be the largest computer worm infection since the 2003 SQL Slammer, with more than seven million government, business and home computers in over 200 countries, now under its control. The worm has been unusually difficult to counter because of its combined use of many advanced malware techniques.

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